USA Boxing Elite Women’s Rankings

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USA Boxing Elite Women’s Rankings

As of November 17, 2017

 106 lbs.

1.   Jacquelyn Cuddeback, IO

2.   Jazzelle Bobadilla, HI

3.   Hillary Perez, TX

3.   Mia Valadez, CA

5.   Kayla Carvalho, OR

6.   Sarah Dawson, TX

7.   Elimarie Torres, MA

8.   Monica Lazalde, UT

8.   Sabrina Slattery, NY

8.   Jennifer Amato, NH

8.   Veronica Rodriguez, TX

112 lbs.

1.   Virginia Fuchs, TX

2.   Maryguenn Vellinga, UT

3.   Kristyn Juarez, CA

4.   Katie Durgin, MA

5.   Monica Lazalde, UT

6.   Indeya Smith, TX

6.   Leslie Rosas, NC

8.   Jacquelyn Cuddeback IO

119 lbs.

1.   Christina Cruz, NY

2.   Rianna Rios, CO

3.   Mikiah Kreps, NY

4.   Melissa Fitzwater, MO

4.   Ashlee Garcia, TX

4.   Esmeralda Navarro, TX

7.   Mariana Gonzalez, CA

8.   Dacia Jacquez, NM

8.   Kristen Mcmurtee, NY

10. Jennifer Perella, MA

10. Jayda Davis, VA

10. Melanie Costa, MA

10. Michelle Morales, IL

125 lbs.

1.   Wendy Casey, NY

2.   Carmen Vargas, TX

2.   Trudy Li, NY

4.   Elyza Peralta, NM

4.   Nephateria Miller, CT

6.   Elise Seignolle, NY

7.   Brittany Simms, OR

7.   Clarice Morales, OH

9.   Jaclyn McTammney, PA

9.   Nyisha Goodluck, NY

9.   Miriam Scott, MO

12. Seilna Bocanegra, CO

12. Olivia Hendrickson, WI

12. Jessica Juarez, CA

12. Leslie Soto, NV

132 lbs.

1.   Rashida Ellis, MA

1.   Rachel Etcitty, AZ

1.   Jajaira Gonzalez, CO

4.   Elyza Peralta, NM

4.   Ashleigh Moore, MA

6.   Lupe Gutierrez, CA

7.   Mikiah Kreps, NY

7.   Amelia Moore, VA

7.   Ashleigh Moore, MA

10. Gvansta Pantsulaia, NY

141 lbs.

1.   Stacia Suttles, NY

2.   Whitney Gomez, UT

3.   Amelia Moore, MD

3.   Jajaira Gonzalez, CO

3.   Kim Putzier, MN

3.   Destiny Jones, TX

7.   Annalicia Sustaita, TX

7.   Nargis Shaghasi, CA

9.   Jasmine Singh, CA

9.   Jessica Bridge, NM

9.   Ravven Brown, TX

12. Dominique Barrios, WI

12. Jameliah Carr, VA

12. Kim Wabik, MA

12. Crystal Aceves, TX

152 lbs.

1.   Stephanie Malone, NY

2.   Nisa Rodriguez, NY

2.   Naomi Graham, CO

2.   Oshae Jones,OH

5.   Maureen O’Brien, MA

5.   Sabrina Kehr, NJ

7.   Deseree Jamison, GA

8.   Melissa Wurster, IN

165 lbs.

1.   Oshae Jones, OH

2.   Leah Cooper, NY

3.   Naomi Graham, CO

4.   Emily Atwood, AL

5.   Brooke Mullen, PA

6.   Amy Lemenager, MN

6.   Stephanie Wharen, SC

178 lbs.

1.   Krystal Dixon, NY

2.   Ariana Borrero, CA

2.   Amber Montoya, UT

4.   Kristen Leija, TX

178+ lbs.

1.   Danielle Perkins, TX

2.   Fallon Farrar, NC


Women’s Boxing Results



Yesica Yoland Bopp, 107 ½, successfully defended the WBA World female light-flyweight title for the nineteenth time with a seven-round beat down of Debora Rengifo, 107 ¾. Rengifo (9-4-1, 5 KOs) was knocked down in the 1st, 4th, and 6th rounds before her corner entered the ring to save her from further punishment in the seventh. With the win, the 33-year-old Bopp shows no signs of declining skills and improves to (33-1, 14 KOs) and is indeed one of the all-time greats.


Light-flyweight prospect Anyelen Loreley Espinosa moved to (4-0) with a four-round, unanimous decision over Maria Laura Cano who drops to (1-2).




Chunyan Xu, 117, ruined the professional debut of Lijun Guo, 116, scoring a four-round victory via retirement when Guo failed to start the fifth round due to stomach pain. Xu, the far more experienced fighter in this matchup, improved to (7-4, 4 KOs). She is entering her tenth year as a professional fighter and secured the WBC International featherweight title in 2014 with a victory over Lindsay Garbatt, who was a near dominate force at the time. In her second professional bout, she lost a ten-round, unanimous decision to Hyun Mi Choi for the WBA World female featherweight title. Feeder fish get more respect from their handlers than Guo did from hers. She had no business making her professional debut with Xu.




Former French amateur star Sabah Gades won her professional debut with a four-round points victory in the featherweight division over Serbian import Marian Djekic (1-2).

New Zealand


Caroline Daniels defeated Ashley Campbell in the heavyweight division by a four-round, unanimous decision. It was the professional debut for both fighters.


New York, USA


Alicia Napoleon moved to (8-1, 5 KOs) with a six-round, unanimous decision over Hungarian import Nikolett Papp by the scores (60-54 x 3). Papp drops to (4-2, 2 KOs).

San Salvador


35-year-old Liliana Palmera, 121 ½, won the WBA World female super-bantamweight title for the second time with a ten-round, unanimous decision (95-94/95-94/97-92) over former two-time WBA World female super-bantamweight champion Alys Sanchez, 122. This was the third meeting between the two fighters with Palmera now holding a 2-1 lead. Palmera improves to (28-12-3, 16 KOs) and Sanchez drops to (15-4-1, 4 KOs).


South Korea


Hyun Mi Choi, 129 ¾, successfully defended the WBA World female super-featherweight title for the fifth time with a six-round, technical decision (59-56/59-56/ 57-57) over former World bantamweight champion Jessica Gonzalez, 129. An errant headbutt mid-way through the sixth round caused a laceration to the forehead of Gonzalez resulting in heavy bleeding which caused the stoppage. After consulting the scorecards, Choi was declared the winner. Choi, a master counter-puncher, boxed beautifully from mid-range keeping Gonzalez on the end of her punches. When Gonzalez got close, there were lots of lacing and rabbit punching by both fighters.

Enriquez UD-10 Plata

Budding superstar Kenia Enriquez, 107 3/4, retained the WBC World female light-flyweight title (interim) with a ten-round, unanimous decision over Jessica Nery Plata, 107 3/4, by the scores (96-93 /97-93/ 97-92). Enriquez scored a knockdown in the final round cementing the victory. With the win, Enriquez improves to (20-1, 9 KOs) whereas Plata drops to (21-2, 3 KOs) with the loss.