Farias UD-10 McGee

On October 4 in Rosario, Argentina, “La Pantera” Erica Anabella Farias, 134 ½, Buenos Aires, Argentina, cemented her pound-for-pound #2 position defending her WBC female lightweight title for the tenth time with a dominate ten-round unanimous decision over “Merciless” Mary McGee, 134 ½, Gary, Indiana.

Farias (18-0, 9 KOs) effortlessly moved around her stationary opponent landing at will with lead hooks and head-snapping rights overwhelming McGee (20-3, 11 KOs) keeping her on the defensive. McGee had a few moments countering with the right hand, but often squared-up on the inside and did not possess the foot speed or lateral movement to compete with the long-reigning champion from distance. Adding insult to injury, the referee took a point from McGee late in the fight; the point reduction did not factor in the final tally as the judges awarded Farias the decision by a wide margin (100-90/98-90/98-91).

Currently, Farias has Belgian power-puncher Delfine Persoon, Rola El Halabi (Germany), and Lucia Morelli (Italy) as potential challengers at lightweight. Each is a forward-moving lead puncher, a style in which Farias devours.  If legitimate challengers will not travel to Argentina, the possibility exists that Farias could elevate in weight and challenge fellow Argentine light-welterweight champions, Fernanda Soledad Alegre (WBO), Monica Silvina Acosta (WBA), or Alejandra Marina Oliveras (WBC).



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