Best of 2013 Women’s Boxing

Best of 2013 in Women’s Boxing:

KO Digest Article on 2013 Women’s Boxing Awards

Round of the Year: Round #3 Tori Nelson vs Teresa Perozzi: Both fighters down in the round

Fight of the Year: Melissa McMorrow SD-10 Nadia Raoui

Knockout of the Year: Diana Prazak KO-8 Frida Wallberg

Upset of the Year: Riyo Togo TKO-1 Mariana Juarez

Comeback of the Year: Susi Kentikian

Robbery of the Year: Jennifer Retzke D10 Florence Muthoni

Event of the Year: Holly Holm retires from boxing to enter the Octagon of MMA.

Fighter of the Year: Delfine Persoon

Prospect of the Year: Joselyn Arroyo Ruiz

State of the Game:

Best amateur boxer: Katie Taylor

Best boxer: Cecilia Braekhus

Best slugger: Erica Anabella Farias

Best defense: Alicia Ashley

Counter puncher: Marcela Eilana Acuna

Power puncher: Anne Sophie Mathis

Body puncher: Yesica Patricia Marcos

Most aggressive: Alejandra Marina Oliveras

Best jab: Cecilia Braekhus

Best left hook: Jelena Mrdjenovich

Best right cross: Erica Anabella Farias

Most fun to watch: Zulina Munoz

Best fight nobody knows about: Su-Yun Hong


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