Fighting Like A Man

A nice writeup on women’s boxing by Lester Morales

Women In This Corner

ImageSince its acceptance as a sport by Ancient Greeks in 688 BC, boxing has been considered a male sport. Throughout history – from Sumerians to Egyptians – carvings, artwork and records of fist fighting always showed two men fighting each other.

It took over a millennium before women were allowed to engage in boxing as a sport. In 1904, during the 3rd Olympic Games in St. Louis, Missouri, women’s boxing was introduced as a demonstration sport. Despite this debut on an international stage, women’s boxing was banned in most nations for most of the 20th century.

Taking a punch at stereotypes

One of the reasons for its slow acceptance is the prevalence of stereotyping. In her paper entitled “Women Boxers:  Gaining a knockout on Sexism, or Sexism knocking them out,” Janet Dutton states that society often frowns on women who engage in this sport.

“Women’s boxing is at times…

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