Hernandez in Hamman’s Corner For Debut!

Below is a press release authored by Amy Green.

Jen Hamman will make her pro début July 11, at the Little Creek Casino in Shelton, WA, and will have extra ammunition in the corner. In addition to trainer Tricia Alcaro -Turton, Melissa Hernandez, the six time women’s world champion in four weight classes, has stepped up to assist Alcaro -Turton.


Hamann lists Hernandez as a favorite fighter, and that was all the encouragement the feisty champion needed to make the trip from Miami to Washington. “I’m not that familiar with Jen, but really want to do this for Tricia. Then I found out I’m one of her faves– yeah, I’m all in!” Hernandez said. “I know what it is to meet and work with fighters you respect it builds confidence. Many fighters I’ve worked with have gotten world titles with my help.”


The downside to working Hamman’s début for Hernandez is missing the first International Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame brunch, but she insisted these are reasons WHY Hall of Fames exist. “As fighters, we go above and beyond, and in the end that’s why we have any hall of fame. I also got into this business to work with fighters, so it only makes sense to work a fight with someone who really wanted me there. I can’t wait to get up there and get to work!”


Jen Hamman will face Ariel Beck July 11, at the Little Creek Casino on a show promoted by Gary Shaw Promotions. Tickets are available at Arcaro Boxing, 1208 E. Jefferson St. Seattle, or if outside Seattle, or order online, at www.little-creek.com. General admission, $20, ringside $50.



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