Allegedly, Mathis goes Billy ‘The Blue Bear’ on Hammer; Hammer wins WBO title on her back.

After watching video of the knockdown in the Hammer/Mathis fight, I believe that Mathis was denied a knockout victory by the assigned referee who was grossly out of position. Mathis hurt Hammer with a left-right combination that required Hammer to hold on. During the time Hammer was attempting to clinch Mathis, the slugger from France was landing close-range, right-crosses to the left side of Hammers’s head. The last such blow snapped Hammer’s head to the side resulting in a violent knockdown. The referee, Manfred Kuechler, was standing behind Mathis having an excellent view of her back as she landed the deceive blow.

Hammer was awarded the victory, but was essentially knockout and won the title on her back.

A Congratulations to women’s boxing; you have come a long way baby. It is as filled with incompetence as male boxing.

Hammer DQ-5 Mathis

Hammer 18-0

Mathis 27-4

Boxing  😦


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