“Mighty” Melissa McMorrow Press Release

I watched the video of this bout yesterday and scored 97-93 for McMorrow. It is far easier to steal a high-profile women’s bout via the scorecards than man’s bout, because fewer people are interested. That doesn’t mean that the women don’t expend an equal amount of blood, sweat, and tears as the men during training. McMorrow has been jobbed three times in Mexico (Mucino, Juarez, and Chavez). Below is a press release from “Mighty” Melissa McMorrow.


San Francisco, CA USA
August 26, 2014
Mighty Melissa McMorrow has flown around the world to compete against the best fighters, often in their home
country. Recently, Mighty Melissa McMorrow again traveled to Ecatepec, Mexico to fight against Mexico’s Jessica “Kika”
Chavez on 8/23/14. The headlined event showed McMorrow relentlessly pursuing Chavez landing punches
throughout. Chavez attempted to evade McMorrow relying on frequent holds and occasional counterpunches in an
attempt to stave off the advances of McMorrow. The packed venue was treated to an action packed closely contested
match. The resulting scorecards did not reflect McMorrow’s performance, clearly shown across Chavez’s swollen face.
This match was closer than McMorrow’s domination of Mariana ‘La Barby’ Juarez , a fight inexplicably won by the badly
beaten Juarez. Chavez fought well, but her performance was far from decisive or unanimous. As a competitor in Mexico,
if the margin of error is so slight for McMorrow, then even a perfect fight wouldn’t result in a win. McMorrow is not
only fighting her opponent, but it seems like she is battling the judges as well. When you include traveling to another
country, hostile crowds, unequal weigh-ins, and adjusting to the 8,000 feet of altitude, McMorrow is fighting more than
one opponent.
McMorrow commented that “Chavez is a good fighter and we fought a fairly even fight. I think I was the aggressor and
landed the harder cleaner shots. I wanted to make the fight very decisive since I know that the judges will not work in
my favor, but she did a good job of keeping her distance from me. However, I think I deserve the decision as much as
she does. It is frustrating that when I watch the fight I can only claim rounds that are undeniable and she gets credit for
everything else.”
When speaking to McMorrow about whether she plans to return to Mexico, she says the following “It depends on the
opportunity. There is not much women’s boxing happening in other parts of the world. I am confident in my fighting
ability and I box because I love it. I still welcome all challenges and continue to want to fight the best.”
Eddie Croft
MMM Industries/ B Street Boxing
223 S B St, San Mateo, CA 94401
(650) 279-4490

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