Boxing is on the decline in the United States and has been relegated to ‘niche’ status for more than a decade. Women’s boxing is a niche within a niche and garners only table scraps at this point. There are fewer gyms, fewer fighters, fewer shows; fewer qualified trainers ……. only white-collar and female boxers keep many gyms from being shuttered. Most female professional boxers in the USA are regional attractions only. The next Laila Ali and Mia St. John are out there, but she’s likely still an amateur. Of the current American fighters, factoring out Prazak (Australia), Amanda Serrano has the most future star power. She can punch, has a crowd-pleasing style, and she’s attractive. If you think a top shelf promoter is going to promote a homely female boxer, you’re not living in reality. There are many talented female boxers in the United States; the talent is there, but the élite promoters need to subsidize the sweeter side of the science and place the best female fighters on cards so they receive exposure. That said, Ava Knight is the best American fighter when she wants to be, Melissa McMorrow is the best today, Amanda Serrano will be the best tomorrow, Heather Hardy is the most popular, and Ronica Jeffrey, despite her recent decision loss to Carla Torres, is a superstar in an alternate universe.


One thought on “Rant

  1. Good article but I disagree with the statement that the females cannot be promoted because they may be “homely” . ….and a bit sexist if you asked me, and completely untrue.


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