Boxing Jones Women’s Boxing Best of 2014 :

2014 Boxing Jones Women’s Boxing Awards: 

Fight of the Year: Delfine Persoon UD-10 Erica Anabella Farias

2013: McMorrow SD-10 Raoui


Knockout of the Year: Anne Sophie Mathis NC-5 Christina Hammer

2013: Prazak KO-8 Wallberg


Upset of the Year: Ana Laura Esteche UD-10 Monica Silvina Acosta

2013: Togo KO-1 Juarez


Comeback Fighter of the Year: Jackie Nava

2013: Susi Kentikian


Robbery of the Year: Mariana Juarez UD-10 Melissa McMorrow

2013: Retzke D-10 Muthoni


Event of the Year: WBC First-Ever Women’s Boxing Convention

2013: Holly Holm Leaves Boxing for MMA


Fighter of the Year: Cecilia Braekhus

2013: Delfine Persoon


Prospect of the Year: Farida El Hadrati

2013: Joselyn Arroyo Ruiz

Most Important Fight of the Year:  Alex Love over Julie La Disa (amateur)

2013 Cecilia Braekhus TKO-3 Mia St. John


State of the Game:

Best Amateur: Katie Taylor (Ireland)

Best Boxer: Cecilia Braekhus

Best Slugger: Delfine Persoon

Best Defense: Alicia Ashley

Best Counter Puncher: Marcela Eilana Acuna

Best Power Puncher: Anne Sophie Mathis

Best Body Puncher: Yesica Patricia Marcos

Most Aggressive: Alejandra Marina Oliveras

Most fun to watch: Melissa McMorrow

Most Improved: Magali Rodriguez

Most Avoided: Jelena Mrdjenovich

Most Protected: Eva Voraberger

Give that girl a Title Shot: Jessica Nery Plata

On the Rise: Klara Svensson

On the Decline: Janeth Perez

Underrated: Ana Laura Esteche

Overrated: Ji-Hye Woo


Five Fights we want to see for 2015:


1-Cecilia Braekhus vs Erica Anabella Farias * Braekhus has conquered the welterweight division; it is time for the best to move up or down.


2- Anne Sophie Mathis vs Hanna Gabriel * both have one-punch knockout power.


3- Susi Kentikian vs Arely Mucino II * Mucino showed well in the first matchup nearly five years ago before an unintentional clash of heads caused the bout to be stopped (NC-3).


4- Marcela Eilana Acuna vs Yesica Patricia Marcos II * the first fight drew more than 40,000 fans. Why not do it again?


5- Marina Juarez vs Zulina Munoz * the super-fight is scheduled for February. Can the classic style of Juarez hold off the crude aggression of Munoz?


Pound-for-Pound Ratings:

1- Cecilia Braekhus (27-0, 7 KOs) Norway

2- Delfine Persoon (31-1, 14 KOs) Belguim

3- Marcela Eilana Acuna (42-6-1, 18 KOs) Argentina

4- Ibeth Zamora-Silva (21-5, 8 KOs) Mexico

5- Anne Sophie Mathis (27-3, 23 KOs) France

6- Jackie Nava (31-4-3, 13 KOs) Mexico

7- Susi Kentikian (34-2, 17 KOs) Germany

8- Erica Anabella Farias (21-1, 10 KOs) Argentina

9- Jelena Mrdjenovich (34-9-1, 18 KOs) Canada

10- Christina Hammer (17-0, 8 KOs) Germany

11- Yesica Patricia Marcos (26-0-2, 9 KOs) Argentina

12- Diana Prazak (13-3, 9 KOs) Australia


AIBA (International Boxing Association) World Rankings:

45-48 KG: Nazym Kyzaybay (Kazakhstan)

51 KG: Marlen Esparza (USA)

54 KG: Marzia Davide (Italy)

57 KG: Zinaida Dobrynina (Russia)

60 KG: Katie Taylor (Ireland)

64 KG: Anastasia Beliakova (Russia)

69 KG: Atheyna Bylon (Panama)

75 KG: Claressa Shields (USA)

81 KG: Xiaoli Yang (China)

81+ KG: Zenfira Magomedalieva (Russia)








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