Women’s Boxing Pound-for-Pound Rankings: February 2015

Women’s Boxing Pound-for-Pound Rankings: February 2015

1- Cecilia Braekhus (27-0, 7 KOs) Norway

2- Delfine Persoon (31-1, 14 KOs) Belgium

3- Marcela Eilana Acuna (42-6-1, 18 KOs) Argentina

4- Ibeth Zamora Silva (21-5, 8 KOs) Mexico

5- Anne Sophie Mathis (27-3, 23 KOs) France

6- Jackie Nava (31-4-3, 13 KOs) Mexico

7- Susi Kentikian (34-2, 17 KOs) Germany

8- Erica Anabella Farias (21-1, 10 KOs) Argentina

9- Jelena Mrdjenovich (34-9-1, 18 KOs) Canada

10- Christina Hammer (17-0, 8 KOs) Germany

11- Yesica Patricia Marcos (26-0-2, 9 KOs) Argentina

12- Diana Prazak (13-3, 9 KOs) Australia

13- Zulina Munoz (44-1-2, 27 KOs) Mexico

14- Jessica Chavez (21-4-3, 4 KOs) Mexico

15- Naoko Fujioka (12-1, 6 KOs) Japan

16- Yazmin Rivas (31-8, 9 KOs) Mexico

17- Arely Mucino (21-2-2, 10 KOs) Mexico

18- Alicia Ashley (22-10-1, 4 KOs) USA

19- Mariana Juarez (40-7-3, 17 KOs) Mexico

20- Melissa McMorrow (9-5-3, 1 KO) USA

Boiling Under the Surface: Klara Svensson, Ana Laura Esteche, Svetlana Kulakova, Ava Knight, Anabel Ortiz, Jessica Nery Plata, Amanda Serrano, Naoko Shibata, Carolina Rodriguez, Kenia Enriquez, Layla McCarter, Ayaka Miyao, Shindo Go, Fernanda Soledad Alegre, Alejandra Marina Oliveras, Hyun-Mi Choi, Hanna Gabriel, Nikki Adler, and Martha Salazar.

Women’s boxing results from January and February.

2-7: Simona Galassi UD-10 Loredana Piazza * Galassi wins the EBU flyweight title.

1-31: Daniela Romina Bermudez MD-10 Vanesa Lorena Taborda *Bermudez retains the WBO World female super-flyweight title and moves her impressive record to (17-3-2, 5 KOs).

1-18: Eileen Olszewski UD-10 Christina Fuentes * Olszewski retains the IFBA World flyweight title. Fuentes drops to 3-6-5 whereas the 46-year-old Olszewski improves to (10-5-3, 1 KO).

Elite fights scheduled for February:

Thailand: Samson Tor Buamas (34-3, 16 KOs) vs. Pancake Manoprungroj (début) * I doubt if Pancake lasts past the referee’s instructions.

Mexico: Victoria Argueta (13-1, 4 KOs) will defend her IBF World female minimumweight title against Nancy Franco (13-6-2, 4 KOs). This fight will be more closely contested than it seems on paper. Franco lost the IBF minimumweight title to Argueta in May 2014 and has held her own against some tough customers.

Prediction: Argueta UD-10

USA: Aleksandra Magdziak Lopes (10-3-2, 1 KO), a contender at both welterweight and light middleweight, looks to stay busy on 2-26 against the ever-tough TBA.

Dominican Republic: WBO lightweight champion Amanda Serrano (22-1-1, 17 KOs) will battle Marisol Reyes (14-9-1, 7 KOs) in an eight-round, non-title fight on 2-21. Reyes has suffered five stoppage losses and three in the last six outings.

France: WBF featherweight champion Gaelle Amand (11-0, 1 KO) will battle the rough-and-ready TBA on 2-27. Amand defeated Irma Balijagic Adler (14-5) in November to win the title mentioned above.

France: Possibly the biggest fight of the month will take place on 2-27 when Anne Sophie Mathis (27-3, 23 KOs) will defend her WBF super-welterweight title against crude slugger Oxandia Castillo (13-2-2, 10 KOs). The 37-year-old Mathis has plenty of skill left to take Castillo apart. Castillo is powerful but as crude as the come. She has no idea what to do on the inside when pressed. Mathis is a notorious slow starter and will eventually break down the 20-year-old challenger.

Prediction: Mathis KO-7

Mexico: Kenia Enriquez (13-0, 6 KOs), who is one of the brightest young fighters in women’s boxing, takes on the best opponent of her young career when she defends her WBO World female flyweight title against American Melissa McMorrow (9-5-3, 1 KO). McMorrow’s is undervalued as she performs on a higher level than her pedestrian record might indicate. Conservatively, McMorrow should be 14-3. Enriquez is a sharp puncher but does she have the experience to hold off possibly the most aggressive fighter in the game?

Prediction: Enriquez MD-10

Mexico: on 2-28 Jackie Nava (31-4-3, 13 KOs) will battle Mayra Alejandra Gomez (16-3, 4 KOs) Gomez is underrated and will give Nava fits defensively, but owns little firepower that will allow Nava to land enough meaningful punches to pull off another victory. Nava is running for political office in Mexico, and that could be a distraction that would open a window for Gomez. As of the date of this posting, the bout is a non-title bout. Nava boasts the WBC & WBA world titles at super-bantamweight.

Prediction: Nava UD-10

Belguim: Delfine Persoon (31-1, 14 KOs) who holds the WBC lightweight strap, in a non-title fight, battles the speedy Florence Muthoni (11-4-2, 5 KOs). Muthoni, who has unsuccessfully fought for world titles at light-welterweight, has the movement and speed to give Persoon problems, but will likely wilt under the champion’s constant pressure late in the fight.

Prediction: Persoon UD-8 Muthoni

#1 Boxer per Division:

Heavyweight Martha Salazar (USA)

Super middleweight- Nikki Adler (Germany)

Middleweight- Christina Hammer (Germany)

Light middleweight- Anne Sophie Mathis (France)

Welterweight- Cecilia Braekhus (Germany)

Light welterweight- Erica Anabella Farias (Argentina)

Lightweight- Delfine Persoon (Belgium)

Super featherweight- Diana Prazak (Australia)

Featherweight- Jelena Mrdjenovich (Canada)

Super bantamweight- Marcela Eilana Acuna (Argentina)

Bantamweight- Yazmin Rivas (Mexico)

Super flyweight- Naoko Fujioka (Japan)

Flyweight- Susi Kentikian (Germany)

Light flyweight- Ibeth Zamora-Silva (Mexico)

Minimumweight- Anabel Ortiz (Mexico)


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