Serrano’s Sign with Promoter

Greg Cohen signs Amanda Serrano and Cindy Serrano (boxers) to a promotional deal. This move is a good sign for women’s boxing; the move will likely lead to televised fights for one or both.

Amanda, 26, a southpaw, has pounded out an excellent record (23-1-1, 18 KOs) since turning professional in 2009. Her in-fighting prowess and punching power has enabled her to win world titles in three weight classes (featherweight, super-featherweight, and lightweight).

Cindy, despite beginning her professional boxing career in 2003, is at her peak at the age of 32. Unlike her aggressive younger sister, Cindy is more of a patient boxer-puncher boasting a record of (22-5-3, 10 KOs) earning minor titles at super-featherweight and lightweight.

Amanda is currently ranked #1 at super-featherweight whereas Cindy is ranked #8 in the same weight class.

Spin: I would rather not see them fight each other, but it theoretically may happen. I always believed, that if moved properly, Amanda could be the face of women’s professional boxing in the USA. She has an exciting style and is near lethal offensively.

Photo Credit: Boxrec


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