Klara Svensson vs Erica Farias Prediction

On May 2 in Frederiksberg, Denmark, “ La Pantera” Erica Anabella Farias (21-1, 10 KOs) of Virreyes, Buenos Aires, Argentina, will defend her WBC super-lightweight title (140# / 63.5 kg) against rising star and WBC interim champion, Klara “The Swedish Princess” Svensson (15-0, 5 KOs) of Malmo, Sweden, in a fight scheduled for ten rounds.

During her nearly four years as a professional boxer, Svensson, 27, has steadily improved technically and has become a major draw in Europe. There were some questions about her quality of opposition, but dominate ten-round unanimous decision victories over highly ranked super-lightweights Marie Riederer and Lucia Morelli has rendered that question moot.

Her coach, former WBA super-featherweight (1991) and lightweight champion (1992) Joey Gamache (55-4, 38 KOs) said about her progress on the Nordic Fight Night website, ”Klara has never worked harder in the build up to a fight.” “She is constantly pushing herself in the gym and as a trainer I couldn’t ask for more.”

Nordic Fight Night

Nordic Fight Night: Photo Credit

Svensson is a boxer-puncher with an emphasis on long-range boxing. She moves well laterally throwing mostly straight punches. Her style is predicated on her jab that is excellent and a supreme sense of range. To defeat Svensson, an opponent must take the jab away and force her to exchange at close range where she isn’t as proficient. Her right cross is her most powerful punch, and she can vary the punch to avoid an opponent’s lead-hand defense. Speed always has concealed technical mistakes in boxing. Svensson is no different. She possesses excellent hand and foot speed that covers her tendency to pull or move straight back to avoid punches when at close range, she will occasionally bend over at the waist and square her stance.

Svensson is a very credible challenger and worth of this title shot. Fighters with the ability to counter-punch and force an opponent to fight on the inside will give Svensson problems. Fortunately for her, Farias isn’t a counter-puncher. Svensson will dominate boxer-types and fighters who require room to punch. Svensson is near dominate from medium to long range.

‘’I’m not taking anything for granted. I know she is a dangerous opponent. She is experienced and mentally very tough, but I don’t think she is a remarkable boxing technician, and that is where I hold advantage. I will need to be careful, but I know what Farias is bringing to the table and I’m ready for it,” said Svensson of her opponent Erica Farias.

Before Erica Anabella Farias, 30, lost her WBC lightweight title to Delfine Persoon (33-1, 16 KOs) in April 2014 there was a time when she was among the most dangerous punchers in women’s boxing. Since the loss and the move to super-lightweight she has lost a little steam on her power punches, but the power is still formidable.

In her last outing, Farias won a ten-round, split-decision victory over tough brawler Alejandra Marina Oliveras (SD-10) by the scores (97-93/97-94/92-99). With the win, Farias secured the WBC World female super-lightweight title. She formerly held the WBC World female lightweight title from May 2010 until April 2014 defending the strap successfully 11 times. During her reign as the WBC lightweight champion, she defeated Ann Saccurato, Melissa Hernandez, and Victoria Noelia Bustos.

As a lightweight, Farias employed a wide, sweeping left hook from a medium range that caused her opponents to walk into the right cross that was as menacing a punch that existed in women’s boxing at the time.

During the end of her reign as lightweight champion and currently during her brief tenure as super-lightweight champion, Farias has employed more movement and combination punching. Although she uses the jab more often than earlier in her career, she’s still a “mid-range, left hook” artist that has holes down the middle in her defense.

Svensson will look to exploit the holes in the defense of Farias by throwing straight punches (jab and right cross). Farias represents the best fighter that Svensson has faced in her career. Marie Riederer (55.56 KO percentage) owned significant punching power that Svensson handled well. As proficient a puncher that Riederer is statistically, she doesn’t compare to Farias in reality.

Speed- Svensson

Power- Farias

Experience- Farias

Defense- Svensson

Skills- Even

Movement- Svensson

Aggression- Farias

Quality of Opposition- Farias

Size- Svensson

Age/Career mode- Even *both are prime

Intangibles- Svensson * fight is in Europe

Style- Svensson * Farias is tailor-made for her.

Prediction: Svensson MD-10

The battle will be competitive with Svensson exploiting the openings down the middle of the defense of Farias with straight punches edging the champion on the score cards.

Super Lightweight Top Ten

1-Erica Anabella Farias (Argentina)

2-Klara Svensson (Sweden)

3-Ana Laura Esteche (Argentina)

4-Alejandra Oliveras (Argentina)

5-Fernanda Soledad Alegre (Argentina)

6-Svetlana Kulakova (Russia)

7-Marisa Gabriela Nunez (Argentina)

8-Chris Namus (Uruguay)

9-Enis Pacheco (Columbia)

10-Rola El Halabi (Germany)


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