Three Minutes, Susan Reno, and Svetlana

On May 15 in New York City, Susan Reno (1-3-2) and Paola Ortiz (0-5-1) will battle in a six-round fight in the light-flyweight division (108 lbs.). The fight will employ three-minute rounds, a change of pace for the usual two-minute duration that most female bouts are authorized. I doubt seriously if this catches on anytime soon since the WBC has insisted that two-minute round remain for female matches.

Link to the WBC statement on two-minute rounds for female boxers.

I would like to see the women fight the same number of minutes of men since promoters use it as an excuse to decrease the pay scale for female fighters. In the MMA, women fight the same number of minutes as men in championship fights (5).

Susan Reno resides in New York City and the 20-year-old Ortiz fights out of Houston, Texas. In February, the two battled to a four-round, majority draw in Queens, New York, with one judge favoring Ortiz.

On May 22 in Moscow, Russia, Svetlana Kulakova (9-0-1, 1 KO), an attractive and talented super-lightweight contender, will attempt to defend her WBA World female super-lightweight title when she battles the hard-punching Marie Riederer (15-2-1, 10 KOs). Kulakova, 32, from Moscow, will have the edge in talent and own the intangibles since the fight is in her hometown. Also, she’s promotable and the #1 fighter in the sport, Cecilia Braekhus has been rumored for a year that she may drop to super-lightweight.

Riederer, 27, despite owning decent punching power is very limited, and she’s in this fight to lose. Kulakova, a former glamour model, holds a simple and repetitive style but will box well from long-range and win a wide-margined unanimous decision.

More tomorrow on Hyun-Mi Choi and other scheduled fights.


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