Flashback to my October 2012 Pound-for-Pound Rankings

Women’s Boxing Pound for Pound Best (October 2012)

1- Holly Holm 31(9)-2-3 *IBA, WBF welterweight titles
2- Cecilia Braekhus 21(5)-0 *WBA, WBO, WBC welterweight titles
3- Ana Maria Torres 28(16)-3-3 *WBC super-flyweight title
4- Erica Anabella Farias 14(8)-0 *WBC lightweight title
5- Mariana Juarez 35(16)-5-3 *WBC flyweight title
6- Christina Hammer 13(7)-0 *WBF, WBO middleweight title
7- Jackie Nava 28(12)-4-1 *WBA super bantamweight title
8- Melissa Hernandez 18(6)-3-3 *WBC featherweight title
9- Layla McCarter 35(8)-13-5 *WBA light middleweight title
10- Anne Sophie Mathis 26(22)-3
11- Yesica Yolanda Bopp 22(10)-0 *WBO light flyweight title
12- Ava Knight 9(5)-1-3 *IBF flyweight title
13- Frida Wallberg 11(2)-0 *WBC super featherweight title
14- Alejandra Marina Oliveras 27(13)-2-2 *WBO featherweight title
15- Myriam Lamar 20(10)-3-1 *IBF light welterweight title

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