Women’s Boxing Results

Women’s Boxing Results

October 23, 2016


Minayo Kei UD-4 Sarasa Ichimura (40-37/40-37/39-38)

Kei moves to (4-2), Ichimura drops to (2-3-1). Minimumweights

October 23, 2016


Anahi Lopez UD-6 Fabiana Lopes

Lopez moves to (7-0-1), Lopes drops to (0-3). Flyweights

 Marisa Johanna Portillo SD-6 Betiana Patricia Vinas

Portillo now stands at (17-13-3, 4 KOs), Vinas drops to (10-7-3, 2 KOs); Vinas was once the WBC Silver female featherweight champion. Portillo is 0-5 in world title contests. Super-featherweights

 Evelyn Nazarena Bermudez UD-4 Adriana Lorena Gisele Maldonado

Bermudez, the sister of multiple time world champion Daniela Romina Bermudez, wins her professional debut. Maldonado drops to (1-5-1). Super-flyweights

Daniela Barbara Rivero MD-4 Belen Messina

Professional debut for both. Super-flyweights


 Mel Baker MD-4 Monthida Rattanachai

Baker now stands at (1-1), Rattanachai drops to (0-2). Super-bantamweights


 Eva Voraberger UD-10 Eileen Olszewski (100-90/98-92/99-91)

Voraberger wins the vacant IBO, IBF, and GBU world female super-flyweight titles and moves to (21-5). Olszewski, 48, drops to (10-7-3). Super-flyweights

 Ana Arrazola UD-10 Raja Amasheh (96-94/96-94/97-93)

Arrazola wins the WBC Silver female flyweight strap and wins in the quarterfinals of the WBC Diamond Belt Flyweight tournament. Flyweights


Stephanie Essensa UD-6 Michelle Nelson

Essensa moves to (2-1), and Nelson drops to (4-4). Featherweights



Esmeralda Moreno UD-10 Melissa McMorrow (100-88/100-90/98-89)

Moreno, back in the flyweight ranks from a recent foray into the super-flyweight division, wins a quarterfinal bout in the WBC Diamond Belt Flyweight tournament. She improves to (34-9-1, 11 KOs), McMorrow returns from 20 months out of the ring dropping to (10-6-3). Flyweights

 Monserrat Vazquez W-4 Jacqueline Cruz

Vazquez, a bright prospect, improves to (3-0) whereas Cruz suffers her first defeat and now stands at (1-1). Light-flyweights

 Arely “Machine Gun” Mucino UD-10 Judith Rodriguez (100-90/99-91/99-91)

Mucino returns successfully after a year out of the ring. She moves to (22-3-2, 10 KOs) whereas the underrated Rodriguez drops to (8-11). Rodriguez is better than her pedestrian record would indicate. Super-flyweights

October 21, 2016


Shannon O’Connell UD-10 Edina Kiss (100-90 x 3)

O’Connell retains the WBC Silver female super-bantamweight title with the victory. O’Connell moves to (14-4-1, 7 KOs), Kiss drops to (10-2).  Super-bantamweights

 October 20, 2016


Marie Eve Dicaire UD-6 Karla Zamora (60-54/60-54/59-55)

Dicaire, a southpaw, improves to a sizzling (5-0) and Zamora drops to (3-3). In the welterweight division, due to the lack of fighters, Dicaire will become a contender before she sheds the “prospect” tag. Welterweights


Tomomi Takano TKO-6 Natchakamon Chanthasri

Takano, a popular model, improves to (9-2, 6 KOs), Chanthasri drops to (0-3). Featherweights

 Jun Yabuki TKO-2 Saranyaphong Theinthong

Yabuki is one to watch and improves to (6-0), Theinthong drops to (0-8). Light-flyweights




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