Women’s Boxing Pound-for-Pound: October 2012

A flashback to my pound-for-pound rankings four years ago.

Women’s Boxing pound-for-pound rankings: October 2012

1- Holly Holm 31(9)-2-3 *IBA, WBF welterweight titles
2- Cecilia Braekhus 21(5)-0 *WBA, WBO, WBC welterweight titles
3- Ana Maria Torres 28(16)-3-3 *WBC super-flyweight title
4- Erica Anabella Farias 14(8)-0 *WBC lightweight title
5- Mariana Juarez 35(16)-5-3 *WBC flyweight title
6- Christina Hammer 13(7)-0 *WBF, WBO middleweight title
7- Jackie Nava 28(12)-4-1 *WBA super bantamweight title
8- Melissa Hernandez 18(6)-3-3 *WBC featherweight title
9- Layla McCarter 35(8)-13-5 *WBA light middleweight title
10- Anne Sophie Mathis 26(22)-3
11- Yesica Yolanda Bopp 22(10)-0 *WBO light flyweight title
12- Ava Knight 9(5)-1-3 *IBF flyweight title
13- Frida Wallberg 11(2)-0 *WBC super featherweight title
14- Alejandra Marina Oliveras 27(13)-2-2 *WBO featherweight title
15- Myriam Lamar 20(10)-3-1 *IBF light welterweight title

* Click on the boxer’s name to view the boxrec page.

1- Holly Holm (USA)
31-2-3 (9 KO)
IBA, WBF welterweight titles
Last bout: W UD-10 Anne Sophie Mathis
Next bout: Myriam Lamar 12-7-12 (New Mexico)

2- Cecilia Braekhus (Norway)
21-0 (5)
WBA, WBC, WBO welterweight titles
Last bout: W UD-10 Anne Sophia Mathis 97-93 x3
Next bout: TBA
* Proved against Mathis that along with top level boxing skills, she owns a great chin.
* Had Mathis out on her feet with a well-timed counter left hook in round 7.

3- Ana Maria Torres (Mexico)
28-3-3 (16)
WBC female super flyweight title
Last bout: W TKO-4 Maria Andrea Miranda
Next bout: TBA
* Her last defense was in March. She is pregnant. According to several reports, she will resume action in 2013.

4- Erica Anabella Farias (Argentina)
14-0 (8)
WBC female lightweight title
Last bout: W KO-1 Irma Balijagic Adler
Next bout: 11-17-12 TBA
* Farias overwhelmed Adler in the first round knocking her down twice in the process. Farias has arguably the best right hand in women’s boxing.

5- Mariana ‘Barbie’ Juarez (Mexico)
35-5-3 (16)
WBC flyweight title * 14 successful defenses dating back to July 2009.
Last bout: W SD-10 Shindo Go
Next bout: Ava Knight (10-13)
* Escaped with a split decision win against the underrated Shindo Go. With the win over Go, Mariana has successfully defended her title 14 times since winning the WBC (interim) flyweight title in 2009.
* Scheduled to face Ava Knight, the IBF flyweight champion, on October 13, in Mexico.

6- Christina Hammer (Germany)
13-0 (7)
WBO, WBF middleweight titles.
Last bout: W UD-10 Yahaira Hernandez
Next bout: TBA
* Knocked Hernandez down twice in route to a wide decision victory.

7- Jackie Nava (Mexico)
28-4-3 (12)
WBA super bantamweight title
Last bout: TKO-3 Lisa Brown
Next bout: TBA
* Looked fabulous in stopping Lisa Brown in the third round.
* She is pregnant and will return to the ring in 2013 according to reports.

8- Melissa Hernandez (USA/Puerto Rico)
WBC featherweight title
Last bout: UD-10 Jelena Mrdjenovich 98-92 x2,97-93
Next bout: TBA
* 7-2-1 over her last ten, losing only to Garbatt and Farias. Hernandez has defeated Mrdjenovich twice in Canada.

9-Layla McCarter (USA)
WBA light middleweight title
Last bout: TKO-8 Noni Tenge
Next bout: TBA
* Won the WBA light middleweight title by stopping Tenge in South Africa. She has lost only twice since 2004 (Hernandez, Mrdjenovich) and is 18-2-1 over that span.

10- Anne Sophie Mathis (France)
Last bout: L UD-10 Cecilia Braekhus 97-93 x3
Next bout: TBA
* Was more competitive than the above scores would indicate. At this point, she has severe problems with boxers that employ lateral movement.

11- Yesica Yolanda Bopp (Argentina)
WBO, WBA, light flyweight titles
Last bout: W TKO-7 Marisol Miranda
Next bout: TBA
* Dominated Miranda who dropped to 5-5 with the loss.

12- Ava Knight (USA)
IBF flyweight title
Last bout: W UD-10 Susana Vazquez
Next bout: Mariana Juarez (10-13)
* Scheduled to face Mariana Juarez, on October, 13. Knight has the advantage since the fight takes place at flyweight. Juarez was weight drained in her more challenging than expected defense against the iron-fisted Shindo Go.

13-Frida Wallberg (Sweden)
WBC female super featherweight title
Last bout: W UD-10 Amanda Serrano
Next bout: Diana Prazak (11-16)
* Scheduled to face the hard-punching Diana Prazak in November. Prazak basically attempts to destroy everything she punches. She’s vulnerable to stylists which is the style Wallberg employs.

14- Alejandra Marina Oliveras (Argentina)
WBO featherweight title
Last bout: W TKO-5 Migdalia Saprilla (7-14)
Next bout: TBA
* Last defense was in July.

15- Myriam Lamare (France)
IBF light welterweight title
Last bout: UD-10 Chevelle Hallback
Next bout: Floarea Lihet 10-20-12, Holly Holm 12-07-12
* She has two starts scheduled over the next three months. She’s traveling from France to New Mexico, USA to face Holly Holm.

Dropped out: Mrdjenovich and Fujioka

Added: Melissa Hernandez, Layla McCarter

Just missed: Naoko Fujioka, Jelena Mrdjenovich, Amanda Serrano, Esmeralda Moreno, Susi Kentikian, Kaliesha West, Ronica Jeffrey, Zulina Munoz and Etsuko Tada.

#1 Boxer in each weight class
Heavyweight- Gwendolyn O’Neil
Super middleweight- Zita Zatyko
Middleweight- Christina Hammer
Junior middleweight- Layla McCarter
Welterweight- Holly Holm
Junior welterweight- Myriam Lamare
Lightweight- Erica Anabella Farias
Super featherweight- Frida Wallberg
Featherweight- Melissa Hernandez
Super bantamweight- Jackie Nava
Bantamweight- Yazmin Rivas
Super flyweight- Ana Maria Torres
Flyweight- Mariana Juarez
Junior flyweight- Yesica Yolanda Bopp
Minimum weight- Naoko Fujioka

Prospect watch: “No particular order.”
1- Tyriesha Douglas (1)-0 * finished second in the Olympic Trials to Marlen Esparza. Fights in the same style as Mayweather and Broner. She’s destined to be a champion in short order.
2- Yeon-Hee Kim 2(1)-0 * Won the WIBA minimumweight title in her first professional fight.
3- Natasha Spence 6(5)-0 * Lots of speed and power – can fight inside or outside.
4- Keisher McLeod-Wells 5(1)-2 * Excellent sense of range. Beautiful long-range fighter.
5- Jessica Nery Plata 7(1)-0 * Has some defensive issues from close range, but has a high work rate and a nice left hook.
6- Sarah Kuhn 5-3-1 * She’s better than her record – been jobbed a couple of times. Was only a forward fighter early in her career, but has become a boxer-puncher who can work on the outside effectively.
7- Cindy Amador 9(1)-0 * Aggressive – good counter-puncher. Recently defeated Carin Moreno.
8- Amaris Quintana 6(1)-1-2 * A loss to Amador and two draws with world champion Melissa McMarrow.

Heather Hardy (Brooklyn, NY), a trainer at Gleason’s Gym and a former USA Nation champion at 125 lbs., won her professional debut at bantamweight. Jennifer Santiago, also from Brooklyn, NY has a lone win in three starts with two no contests (Yazmin Rivas).


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