Rupprecht MD-10 Bolivar

Königsbrunn, Bayern, Germany

Tina Rupprecht, 103 ¾, Germany, moves ever closer to a world title shot by punching her way to a ten-round, majority decision victory over Luisana Bolivar, 102, Venezuela. Two of the assigned judges scored 98-92 for Rupprecht whereas the third saw things even issuing a 95-95 score. Rupprecht, who holds the WBC Silver female minimumweight title, which wasn’t on the line in this match. Bolivar, a solid prospect, drops to (4-4) with the loss. This bout represented the first time that Bolivar was scheduled to battle past the fourth round. Rupprecht is ranked #3 by the WBC and improves to (6-0, 3 KOs) with the victory and claims an IBO regional title.

WBC minimumweight rankings:
Champion: Yuko Kuroki (Japan)
1- Anabel Ortiz (Mexico) WBA
2- Cai Zhong Ju (China) IBF
3- Tina Rupprecht (Germany) Silver
4- Etsuko Tada (Japan)
5- Susana Cruz Perez (Mexico)


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