Hardy Wins MMA Debut

On a dreary April evening in 2011, At Madison Square Garden, I witnessed a female boxer from Gleason’s Gym named Heather Hardy drop the 125 lb. Women’s New York Daily News Championship (4-1 decision) to a blazing fast Sylvia Yero. After the first round, as Yero grew weary, Hardy, with the same trainer she currently employs, made adjustments and rallied nearly stealing the decision. Many fighters, after absorbing Yero’s initial onslaught, would’ve just merely looked to survive instead of growing in the fight fueling a path to victory. Although she passed the test that night, Hardy lost the battle but won the Golden Gloves in 2012 against a different opponent.

When I left the arena that evening, I had not an inkling that six years and change later that Hardy, would boast a professional boxing record of (20-0) and be considered the toast of not only Brooklyn but all of women’s combat sports after a third-round technical knockout of a game Alice Yauger (4-6) in her professional MMA debut.

If you haven’t fought competitively, fighters overcome adversity in some form in every fight. Hardy, in her MMA debut, sustained a nose bleed in the first round and a severe laceration over her lead eye in the third; injuries that would cause many fighters to crumble. Instead, Hardy rallied, there’s that word again, stopping Yauger with only seconds left in the bout.

Regardless of what you think of Hardy’s skill set, she the best because the crowd loves her. I walked out of Madison Square Garden tonight thinking: OMFG-Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!

Remember, this is a blog. I’m not a writer, but a regular guy who blogs mostly about women’s boxing.

Mark A. Jones





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